Top 20 Team Building Activities in Denver

CoffeePals Team
CoffeePals Team
April 15, 2024
Top 20 Team Building Activities in Denver

Denver’s mix of city life and natural beauty makes it an amazing place to explore. Especially for teams hoping to build trust and camaraderie, there’s an endless amount of activities to do, both indoors and outdoors.

Of course, we all know that team building is critical to any team’s success. When your team members have strong personal relationships, they work well together and accomplish more as a team.

So, if your team plans on doing some team-building activities in Denver, we’ve put together a list of ideas for you.


Denver experiences 300 days of sunshine every year, more than San Diego or Miami Beach.

1. Drive supercars through the Rockies

Imagine driving a supercar through some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. Sounds exhilarating? Then book your slots at Xtreme Xperience.

Take your pick — a Ferrari 488 Spider, a Corvette C8 Z06, or a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder? No matter your choice, your team members will surely enjoy the ultimate rush. 

2. Be hotrods on go-karts

If supercars seem too much for you, how about racing on go-karts instead? Denver has a number of go-kart tracks that your team can visit if you’re in the mood for some speed.

Adventure Golf has an outdoor raceway that’s perfect for racing when the weather’s bright and beautiful. But on days when you’d rather race indoors, you can visit Podium Karting instead.

3. Have fun at Grandma’s House

Nope, not YOUR Grandma’s house. We’re talking about Grandma’s House, the brewery where you don’t just get to enjoy some craft activities, you also get to enjoy craft beer!

Your team is definitely going to have fun as you sign up for “Foul-Mouthed Cross-Stitch Sunday” or enjoy the weekly comedy show happening every Saturday. They also offer bingo socials, Tetris leagues, and more!

4. Learn woodworking

How about building something together as a team? You can get started by taking woodworking classes at Woodworks Studio. Once everyone’s learned the basics of making a small table or a bookshelf, then maybe your team can take on bigger projects together — like your office’s boardroom table or a few office desks, perhaps?

5. Go on a mouthwatering food tour

Denver has a lot of restaurants that cook some of the tastiest food you’ll ever have! This is why Delicious Denver offers different food tours that make sure you’ll never forget a single bite.

Take a food tour downtown or one that takes you to the RiNo Arts District. Either way, you get a full lunch that includes five tastings and some drink pairings.

6. Go on a Denver Wine Walk

Downtown Denver also has some of the tastiest wine this region has to offer. So if you want to get some insider news on what to sip and where, join Delicious Denver’s Wine Walk and experience eight different wines. You’ll also hear some amusing stories about the goings-on in the local wine scene and get discounts on bottles and wine clubs.

7. Sample some craft beers

If your team prefers beer over wine, why not explore some of the local breweries and pubs together? Using the Beer Afficionado’s Guide to Denver, plan your route throughout the city and take a vote on which ones offer the best beers in Denver.

Denver craft beers

8. Pedal away on a bike bar

Hop on a Denver Bike Bar and pedal your way through town. With each bike accommodating up to 16 riders, you get to decide which route to take. Are you exploring the LoDo area or the RiNo district? How about scheduling a day to explore one area, then schedule another date to do the next? 

9. Laugh it out at Comedy Works

Nothing beats having a few laughs as a team! Visit Comedy Works and enjoy skits from some of the city’s best comedians. This is the perfect way to unwind after finishing a tough project or completing a new team milestone.

10. Battle it out in an archery game

Say goodbye to the usual archery range where you enjoy your own lane and shoot at helpless targets. This time, your team’s going to mix archery and dodgeball and battle it out in the Archery Games court! This game of wits and accuracy will push your team to communicate and strategize well and will probably be something you’ll be laughing and talking about in the next few meetings.

11. See who’s the best shot in paintball

Aside from running around with bows and arrows, a few rounds of paintball will also bring out the best shot in the team. Aside from indoor and outdoor paintball, the American Paintball Coliseum also has an airsoft field and a laser tag arena.

12. Hit a hole-in-one at Topgolf

How about a round of golf and a whole lot of technology? Topgolf brings golfing to another level with Toptracer technology and micro-chipped golf balls. You can play the traditional game and see how the balls automatically score each shot, or you can gamify the experience with a round of Angry Birds, Jewel Jam, and other themed games available.

13. Go on a scavenger hunt downtown

No team-building list is complete without the usual scavenger hunt. Considering the amazing landmarks all over Denver, you can just imagine how exciting hunts are in this city.

Let’s Roam lets you run through popular sites like the Denver Firefighting Museum, the Colorado Convention Center, and Paramount Theatre. Figure out the clues, solve the puzzles, and see if the team wins the big prize!

14. Explore the great outdoors

If you live in Denver, it’s an abomination to skip out from exploring the great outdoors. Kayak through the Chatfield Reservoir, hike through Deer Creek Canyon, and see the beauty that Evergreen Mountain has to offer. No matter which part of Denver you want to explore, Denver Outdoor Adventure Company can take you there.

Denver kayaking

15. Smash stuff in a rage room

Also called break rooms, rage rooms are the best place for your team members to release their pent-up stress, especially if it’s been a stressful few weeks at work. Smash*It lets you destroy anything from glasses and cups to chairs, cabinets, and doors! You might come in here with a lot of frustration and rage, but your entire team will definitely head out with lighter spirits and smiles on their faces.

16. Become ninja warriors

If you dreamt of someday becoming a ninja when you were young, there’s a good chance other people in your team had the same dream, too. Head out to the American Ninja Warrior Adventure Park and beat the wall that hundreds of other warriors have tried to conquer before. Though you and your team members will be going through the course individually, there’s nothing like hearing your teammates cheering you on as you jump from one obstacle to another.

17. Parkour through some obstacles

Here’s another interesting way to go through an obstacle course. Run, flip, and jump through every obstacle by taking basic parkour classes at Apex Denver. Get your team started with this indoor obstacle course; then, maybe you can one day make your way through the city and perform athletic moves you didn’t think you could do.

18. Explore different perspectives at Meow Wolf

While physical activities are great for team building, some mind-bending can help build stronger relationships within the team as well. You’ll get this when you visit Meow Wolf, where you’ll start to wonder, “What if the real world looked like this?”

Discuss the different ways your team members interpret the art pieces here and see how similar or varied their opinions are.

19. Explore the city on a segway

While walking around town might be fun, segways are arguably a better way to get around. These two-wheeled self-balancing contraptions make city tours more interesting, especially if you’re doing it with your team.

Magic Carpet Glide offers daily segway tours, taking you through the LoDo District, Cherry Creek, the Denver Art Museum, the State Capitol, and more. 

20. Volunteer at Denver Urban Gardens

Doing volunteer work should definitely be part of every team-building list because there’s no better way to strengthen team camaraderie than letting everyone work together for a common vision. Denver Urban Gardens allows your team to be part of its mission by letting you maintain and improve their gardens. Knowing that these community gardens have been a source of food and inspiration for decades, it’s a great way to get your team together and give back.

The great thing about team-building activities is that they’re not a one-time event. Trust and camaraderie within a team are built through consistent effort, which means you’ll need to plan these bonding sessions a few times each year.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Aside from the fun activities listed above, you could always insert icebreakers and smaller activities into your daily routines.

Having virtual coffee breaks would be a good place to start, simply because these quick casual chats could be just the thing that brings your team members closer to each other. A virtual coffee break platform like CoffeePals makes these breaks even better because it has other features like Coffee Maker, which allows the team to have amazing conversations after answering thought-provoking questions.

Try CoffeePals now and experience what a huge difference it can make for your team.

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