Remote and Hybrid

Break the silence, not the distance

Your work community should feel as connected remotely as they do in person. When you spend so much time with your team, virtual or not, those relationships should be meaningful.

Remote and Hybrid work is awesome but...

We get it, working remotely has its upsides—bye-bye, morning traffic and hello, home-office sweatpants! But, it also comes with its own set of challenges like:

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The isolation blues affecting not just morale but productivity
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Employees often feel overlooked for promotions, projects, or even simple praise
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Onboarding from afar can feel more like a paperwork marathon than a warm welcome
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Those dreaded engagement surveys with numbers that make you cringe
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Everyone is nice, but it's hard to build trust with people you've barely talked to
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Your compass to a better remote culture

We understand the challenges of building real connections in a remote or hybrid workspace. We've guided thousands of teams in creating a more engaged and united workplace, no matter where they plug in their laptops.

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Start connecting in 4 steps

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Create a program for virtual connections

Choose from one of our tailored programs to match together remote and hybrid team members.

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Set the tone

Make the messaging match your organization’s tone and tweak the program to fit your team’s vibe perfectly.

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Announce your program

Announce the platform via email or in your company's general channel, inviting people to join the fun.

The number four

Start connecting

Match people in the program each week for a virtual or in person chat.

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CoffeePals is the perfect tool to keep regular contact with all colleagues. You wouldn't have taken the time without this tool.
Markus Haas
Managing Director, Fonial GmbH
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