Cross Group Connections

Create connections across offices, departments and more

Ever look across your office—or your Zoom grid—and wonder who these folks are? Whether your teams are spread across floors or time zones, we get how easy it is to feel like you're each on your own little island.

Trouble breaking down silos?

Ever feel like the marketing team is on a different planet, or the New York office might as well be in a different galaxy? You're not alone. Often we find:

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Teams not talking means things get messy, fast.
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Different offices, different vibes—it's like mixing oil and water sometimes.
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It's Team A against Team B, like some sort of office Hunger Games.
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High costs from duplicate efforts in different departments.
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Projects stalling because no one's on the same page.
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Your pathway to cross group unity

Fostering connection between different groups in your organization is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded. It's tough. As your guide, we take the blindfold off and show you the colors.

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Set up cross group matching in 4 steps

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Create your program

Choose from a diverse selection of cross-group programs. Effortlessly match employees across offices, departments, and geographical locations.

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Configure the groups

Create unique groups, whether it’s the NY Office and London Office or the Marketing Team and Product Team. The possibilities are endless!

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Announce your program

Announce the platform via email or in your company's general channel.

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Start connecting

Users join groups of their choice and connect exclusively with members from other groups for exciting conversations!

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CoffeePals is a perfect addition to Microsoft Teams. It has made getting to know each other easy and helped colleagues form new relationships across teams.
Director of HR, Growing Generations
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Create connections across departments, offices and more

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