Getting Started

It takes as little as 5 minutes to get set up!

How to create a coffeePals Team Gif

Create a CoffeePals team

Create a new CoffeePals Team. Each member in this team will get matched every Tuesday (by default). If someone no longer wants to receive matches, they can just leave the team or disable matching directly through Teams.

Add to Teams
How to Add CoffeePals to a team Gif

Add the app to your team

Use the button below to find the CoffeePals app in Microsoft Teams. Click the dropdown next to "Add" to find the "Add to Team" button. Select the team you created or add it to an existing team to start matching. If you do not see the CoffeePals app, click here.

Add to Teams
Invite People to your CoffeePals Team Gif

Invite your colleagues

Add members you think would enjoy this directly into the team or use one of our suggested announcement message. You can send the announcement in an email or your organization's general channel.

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