Getting Started

It takes as little at 5 minutes to get on our platform.

A gif that explains how to create a team in Microsoft Teams

Create a CoffeePals Team

Create a new team called CoffeePals. Each member in this team will get matched every Tuesday. If someone no longer wants to receive matches, they can just leave the team.

Add to Teams
A gif explaining how to add CoffeePals to Microsoft Teams

Add the app to your team

In the Apps tab, search CoffeePals and add it to the team you just created. Do Not add to a channel (Microsoft will add it for the whole team anyway). Please talk to your Teams administrator if you do not have permission to do this.

Add to Teams
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Invite your colleagues

Add members you think would enjoy this directly into the team or try posting our recommended join message in your team's general chat.

"Hi everyone,
Do you like drinking coffee and making new friends ☕? Because we just installed a new Teams bot called CoffeePals that lets you do just that. Join the CoffeePals team and you'll get paired with a new coffee pal every Tuesday🤝.

Maybe you don't like coffee, you can take a walk🚶🏽, grab lunch 🍱 or show them your super cool rock collection🪨. We just want to help everyone get to know each other better.

If you find it's just not for you, leave the team or send the command "disable-matching" and you will no longer be matched😎.

We really hope you give it a try! We are excited for you all to meet one another and make friends 🌈!"

Add to Teams