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A great team that’s engaged and happy is the secret to a thriving business. It all starts with a top-notch employee engagement strategy.

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North American average is $55,000
What is the annual turn over rate?
North American average is 13%
How many annual sick days do employees get?
North American average is 5 / year
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How is ROI calculated?

Your return on investment (ROI) for employee experience is tied to how much you could save from lower employee turnover rates, less sick days, and increased productivity. Industry data tells us that great employee experiences often mean less absenteeism and attrition, while boosting customer loyalty and productivity.

Based on these industry averages and the figures you've given us, we can calculate how much you might earn back for every dollar you put into an employee engagement solution like CoffeePals.


Less turnover

Organizations with higher ratings in organizational trust and personal wellbeing experience 15% lower turnover rates.


Less sick days

In organizations that rank well in organizational trust and personal wellbeing, there's a 10% reduction in employee sick days.


More productivity

Organizations that excel in organizational trust and personal wellbeing see a 5% increase in employee productivity.

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