Kickstart Your New Hires' Journey

Every new hire deserves to be welcomed. That's why we've tailored our platform to help you nail onboarding.

Onboarding Challenges? You're Not Alone

Whether you're a new employee eager to make your mark or an HR manager tasked with onboarding, you're likely facing some common hurdles:

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New hires are struggling to blend with existing teams
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Negative early perceptions are leading to quick turnover
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Slow productivity ramp-up for newcomers
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There isn't a plan to introduce newcomers to team members
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New hires feeling overwhelmed and disconnected
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Difficulty in establishing early trust and rapport
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Automatically introduce new hires to the team

CoffeePals automatically introduces new hires to their colleagues, making it easy for them to get to know the team and start building relationships.

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Set up your onboarding in 4 steps

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Create an onboarding team

Form an onboarding team with ambassador employees for a great first impression.


Add new hires to your team

Add new hires to your onboarding team as they join the organization.

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Add the CoffeePals app

Add the CoffeePals app to the newly created onboarding team.

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Configure Onboarding

Open the dashboard and install the onboarding program.

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CoffeePals has been a great addition to our onboarding and employee engagement strategy. Coffee Pals has allowed us to integrate new hires and connect people who normally would not have the opportunity to meet.
Tre Altman
Senior Human Resources Business Partner
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