We enable you to build connections on autopilot.

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How does matching work?

  • CoffeePals randomly matches people in a team into pairs or groups to meet for a coffee chat. We send each person a match card and they find the best time to meet!

  • We do the legwork to create new matches on a regular basis. Match people across different groups, teams or time zones with cross-group matching.

  • Users can one-click schedule coffee chats or admins can enable automated scheduling.

  • Simply create a CoffeePals team, add the bot to the team and invite colleagues to join!

How does Coffee Maker work?

  • Add the CoffeePals bot to a team and enable Coffee Maker.

  • The bot will post a question or topic to the channel on Wednesday and Friday (by default). You can even add your own questions and topics!

  • Let your team discuss the topic or answer the question just like they were standing around the Coffee Maker!

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How does Coffee Lottery work?

  • Choose a host that people get a chance to meet with (like your CEO).

  • Every cycle, someone (or a group of people) wins the chance to have a coffee with the host.

  • Build a connection between the host and other employees in the business. This is a great way for your CEO to learn about the front lines!

What metrics can I track?

  • See whether people reported meeting after the match cycle completes.

  • Discover how connected your teams and organization has become over time.

  • See how your company and teams are adopting CoffeePals.

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We're adding new features everyday

The CoffeePals team is adding new features everyday. We're building a platform that allows your team to connect in many different ways. Some of our upcoming features include:

  • Dedicated mentorship and onboarding features

  • Smart matching to better predict more enjoyable matches

  • Additional programs

If there is a feature you would like us to add, email support@coffeepals.co with your suggestion!