Network like it's happy hour, not boardroom meetings

Great workplace connections don't happen by chance—make networking intentional and watch your team flourish!

Networking challenges holding you back?

The lines between departments should be bridges—not barriers. But often, we find that there is:

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Limited cross-departmental collaboration
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High attrition rate among employees seeking growth and networking opportunities
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Departmental silos that limit the flow of ideas and hamper creativity
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Uncertainty about who to turn to for specific advice or opportunities
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A feeling of stagnation due to lack of internal networking
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A feeling of disconnect from the broader organization
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Your roadmap to thriving internal networks

At CoffeePals, we get it. We've seen silos and missed opportunities first-hand. That's why we created a platform that's been proven to foster meaningful internal relationships.

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Set up your networking program in 4 steps

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Create a program focused on networking

Harness our platform to create a program focused on building strong internal networks.

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Set the tone

Customize your program configuration and messaging to align with the goal of creating internal networking opportunities.

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Announce your program

Announce the platform via email or in your company's general channel.

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Launch your program to start creating new relationships and  breaking down internal silos.

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CoffeePals allows our team to engage with one another and since most of our team works remotely and we have several departments within our organization, we were glad to find a way for team members to connect in a meaningful way with those outside their department.
Emily H.
Philanthropy Associate
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