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CoffeePals integrates with Microsoft Teams to match people to meet over a cup of coffee, helping you start new conversations and build deeper relationships within your organization.

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"As an HR consultant, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to increase employee engagement. CoffeePals has been a huge success among clients. It has helped remote employees to connect informally and completely transformed how they interact with each other."
Cierra James
Hahn, HR Consultant, TSERGAS Human Capital
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"CoffeePals has enabled our global remote team to stay connected and engaged in an easy and convenient way. It has helped strengthen our sense of community."
Heiner Murmann
Founder & CEO of Orkestra
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“CoffeePals is a perfect addition to Microsoft Teams. It has made getting to know each other easy and helped colleagues form new relationships across teams. These casual breaks have been a hit with everyone from our newest hires to our leadership team.”
Director at Growing Generations
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“In times of the pandemic, CoffeePals is the perfect tool to keep regular contact with all colleagues. You wouldn't have taken the time without this tool.”
Markus Haas
Managing Director of Fonial GmbH
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How does it work?

CoffeePals helps build connections and break down silos across your organization. We help you engage the everywhere workplace

Grow deeper connections within your teams

The CoffeePals app helps colleagues connect for regular coffee chats. Meet one-on-one or in a group to strengthen team connections.

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Get teams talking to each other

Cross-team communication is crucial for collaboration and success. With CoffeePals, easily match team members from different departments to improve communication and collaboration.

Create a mentorship program in your organization

Set up recurring matches between mentors and mentees so individuals can learn and grow within the organization.

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Improve the onboarding experience for new hires

CoffeePals makes it easy to connect new hires with existing employees, helping them build relationships and feel more at ease.

See how your teams and company are connecting

Access our analytics dashboard to track engagement and connectivity within your organization to see how your team members are connecting and building relationships.

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CoffeePals is more than just
spontaneous meetings...

These extra features will help you build a strong community-driven organization whether you're in person or working remotely.
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Making connections in the workplace can be challenging. That's where CoffeePals comes in. Our platform helps you break the ice by facilitating introductions, so you can focus on building meaningful relationships with your colleagues.

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Coffee Maker Questions

CoffeePals posts fun, thought-provoking topics to your Team's channel. Mimic the types of conversations you would typically have at the office coffee maker by having discussions online. Example: "What is a book you read that changed your life?"

Cross Group Connections

Do you want to build connections across two offices? Or how about introducing different departments? CoffeePals can facilitate connections across any number of groups to meet on a regular basis.

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Coffee Lottery

Run a random draw to have one person from your company meet with a host. Example: have the CEO meet with a random winner every week!

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