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CoffeePals was started by two friends,
Kacper and Chris,
who met online during the pandemic.

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At the end of 2020 we were both in a bind. Kacper had been working remotely because of the lockdown. Initially he loved it because the flexibility it awarded him and the time savings it provided, but after a while isolation got to him. Not being around your colleagues just felt really lonely. As a software engineer, there's a lot of individual work, but it's just not the same without people around.

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Chris, whose passion lies in product management, was looking for a new role but was hesitant to take a job where he couldn't meet his colleagues in person. He knew that relationships and collaboration was an integral part of the job, so starting a new job remotely would have been quite a challenge!

We had a hunch that we weren't the only ones feeling this. So we bounced some ideas around. We knew from past experience that random coffee chats are a great way to bring people together. We also knew a huge number of people use Teams on a daily basis and we had an opportunity to reach them. And thus CoffeePals was born.

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The pandemic is over (phew!) but it brought about a lasting change in the way we work. After realizing the benefits of flexibility, savings on time and office costs, happier workers, many organizations made remote work an integral part of their culture ...

We were seeing CoffeePals adopted by hundreds of organizations, including those that decided to stay in the office! So we realized that any organization, now matter what they do, how they work, or which country they are in, can benefit from helping their people connect with each other better. We had an opportunity to help bring about the future of work. And that kept us working hard to improve CoffeePals!

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We've released features such as Coffee Maker, cross-team matching, Coffee Lottery, one-click scheduling... all based on what we heard from our users. All to give people new and engaging ways to connect. We've also worked hard on hardening our security posture, which we know is important for many enterprises. We wanted to bring connection to as many people as possible.

But that’s just the start of our larger vision. We have a long list of ideas on how to improve CoffeePals by making the process of meeting your matches more seamless and exciting, and provide more powerful insights and controls to administrators. We're also planning to introduce new ways of building community and are very grateful to have so many great customers on our journey!

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