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Hi, we’re Kacper and Chris.
We founded CoffeePals to build community a.

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Soon after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were both in a bind. Chris had just graduated university and didn’t want to start a job where he couldn’t meet his colleagues in person. This is a crucial and most fulfilling part of product management, Chris’s passion and profession. Kacper, on the other hand, was forced into remote work in his software engineering job by the pandemic. He fell in love with the time saving and flexibility, but after a while the isolation got to him. He started feeling disengaged from his work as a result. 

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It was pretty obvious that we weren’t the only ones feeling this. These problems were beingfelt by millions of other people. Remote work, while offering significant benefits, also presents a host of new challenges. Team morale is built upon small, personal interactions that in the office happen on a daily basis: a high five, a dad joke, sharing your kid’s latest achievement. Research shows that 85% of workers want to feel closer to their remote colleagues [1]. With people working from home, they’re more likely to only talk to their colleagues at pre-scheduled times on work-related topics. The spontaneity is lost.

The world is coming back to normal, but there’s been a permanent change in the way we work. We have seen that remote working is not only possible, but also hugely beneficial. Employees value being able to focus on work better, being closer to their families and having more personal time. Companies recognize the positive impact of working from home on employee engagement and productivity, in addition to the savings on office costs. 

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Hybrid working (partly in the office, partly remote) is becoming the new standard, and an increasing number of companies are going remote-first. But this change is not simple. You can’t just buy your employees a Zoom subscription and expect things to sort themselves out. In this new world, we need to completely rethink the methods of building company culture. 

Disengaged and unhappy employees won’t be productive and will eventually leave your organization for greener pastures, leaving you with the headache and costs of replacing them. Don’t fall victim to The Great Resignation.

We must find ways to take advantage of all the benefits of remote working while minimizing the drawbacks. And that’s where we come in.

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CoffeePals is building solutions for the future of work. We are starting with randomly matching people for casual ‘coffee’ chats. This helps people feel connected to their colleagues, increasing job satisfaction and engagement. Employees report that frequent informal meetings with their teams help them remain focused and engaged [2]. Hundreds of organizations already use CoffeePals to strengthen connections between their workers.

But that’s just the start of our larger vision. We’re busy thinking of new ways to keep remote teams connected, happy and engaged. We believe that the world is ready for a revolution. Join us on the journey to reinvent what it means to work.

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[2] The COVID-19 Pulse of HR survey by CultureX, Josh Bersin, and Waggl, April 19-29, 2020