March 2023 ❄️ - CoffeePals Product Update

Chris Carnduff
June 7, 2024

I'm excited to share with you the features that the CoffeePals team has been working hard on over the past month. We've made many improvements to better the participant's experience. Let's dive in!

Here's what's new in CoffeePals:

⏰ Reminders + Reporting

We found that many of our users received their match at a time that was inconvenient to schedule. This meant that they forgot to take action on setting up a time to meet. We're introducing smart reminders to increase the likelihood and make it easier for users schedule a match.Throughout the match cycle, users will be asked if they had a time to schedule the match. The number of reminders that a user will receive depends on how long the match frequency is. For example, if a team is matching every week, they will be sent a reminder halfway through the match cycle, and once at the end of the match cycle (before they receive their next match). Previously, some users found it confusing to receive a prompt for the previous match after they had already received their new match.

CoffeePals reminders

These new reminders are smart. If you answer "Yes", we won't bother the user again. If you answer "It's on the calendar", we won't ask you again until the end of the cycle. Further, if a user answers no, we will prompt them to schedule directly in that card. We also share the number of people that have scheduled already to entice them to take action!

CoffeePals calendar

🥇 Team Match Summary Notification

We heard from our users that CoffeePals could use some friendly competition! So we're introducing a stats and leaderboard message. This card is sent to the team at the end of the match cycle and shows the top coffee pals and how well your team performed.

team match summary

This feature is disabled by default. To enable the match summary, head on over to the Match Settings tab of the Team Settings page and find this setting at the bottom.

📊 New Match Overview Graph

Our new match overview graph provides stacked bars to represent how many people were sent matches, how many reported meeting and how many reported not meeting. This will give you a better visual idea of how your team is performing. You can also hover over each bar to get the exact numbers for each match cycle.We've also outlined the latest bars in purple to indicate that users are not finished reporting. This purple outline will disappear 1 hour before the next round of matches are sent out to indicate the reporting period has closed. Further, you can also filter the time on the graph by 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

new match overview

💾 New Match History

The team settings page's match history tab has been updated. You can now hover over each match to view the individual responses. The matches have been sorted into cycles, and you can see which cycles are in progress and which ones are finished. At the top of the match history, you can filter by individual users or add multiple users. Further, we've added a scheduled response to match cycles that are in progress so you can see if the group has booked a meeting.

New match history

🔔 Coffee Maker Notifications

Participants on the team will now be notified about new Coffee Maker questions. If users no longer want to be notified when a new question is posted, they can disable these notifications in the settings card directly in Teams.

Coffee Maker notifications

👑 Match Leaders

One participant in the match group will be randomly assigned as the leader of the match. They will be assigned as person who is taking lead on scheduling a time to meet. This will be denoted by a crown{👑) next to their name in the match card.

CoffeePals match leaders

📝 Match Messages

We've added a number of match message templates. Customize your match message whether you are a remote team, in office team, hybrid or creating a D&I initiative. Or better yet, create your own!

🔒Microsoft 365 Certified

Earlier this year we announced our completion of SOC2 Type 1 audit to give our customers confidence that we take great care of their data. After working with Microsoft's compliance team, we've completed the Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program. To learn more about our security program, check out our security page.

🐞Bug Fixes

The team has squashed a number of bugs and made many minor improvement to the user experience. We will continue to monitor and address bugs quickly so that you don't run into them.

That's all for now!

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