CoffeePals 2.0 Product Update!

Chris Carnduff
June 7, 2024

Hey CoffeePals Community,

We’ve been busy behind the scenes, and we’re thrilled to bring you CoffeePals V2! Get ready for a more engaging, user-friendly, and customizable CoffeePals experience. Here’s what’s new:

☕ A Whole New Dashboard UI

Our dashboard just got a glow-up! We’ve revamped the entire UI, making it more modern and intuitive. Managing your CoffeePals has never been this easy and enjoyable.

🌟 Program Templates

Say hello to over 30 different program templates! Choose from a variety of different programs to engage your teams. Connect across offices, create introductions in your various ERGs, run a team lunch lottery, onboard new hires and more. We've also added coffee maker program types so that your team can engage around different topics. You can preview all of the new program on our website here.

📂 Separation of Audiences and Programs

You asked, and we listened! Now you can assign different Microsoft Teams teams to different programs. Mix and match: one audience per program, multiple audiences per program, or multiple programs per audience. To add a new audience, simply add the CoffeePals app to a team!

✉️ Customized Messaging

Make CoffeePals truly yours with customized introduction messages. Tailor your greetings for new programs and users, adding a personal touch that reflects your organization’s unique vibe.

🔐 Enhanced Account Roles

Introducing a new role: Program Creators. These users can create and manage programs without touching the billing settings. This allows larger organizations to delegate program creation to different people in the organization.

📱 UI Improvements to the Teams Interface

We’ve spruced up interactions within Teams. Our coffee maker questions are now more visible and actionable, ensuring a smoother experience for everyone.

🏠 New Home Page

Admins, your life just got easier! Our new home page provides quick access to your programs. Users can also see and connect with their latest match right from the home page.

✅ Opt-In Feature

Our new opt-in setting makes it easier to participate in programs and ensure everyone is meeting someone. Each match cycle, users can choose to opt in for the current cycle, always opt in, or skip a cycle, allowing participants more granular control over their matching preferences.

⚙️ Personal Settings

We’ve moved personal settings to the dashboard. Now, when users send the "settings" command, they’ll be redirected to a single, streamlined page to manage all their settings, update their bios, and see past connections. Users can also report meeting past connections here.

Stay tuned as this page will be added into a tab directly in Microsoft Teams in our upcoming release.

🏆 Connection Leaderboard

Check out our new program analytics section featuring top participants. Identify your CoffeePals ambassadors and let them help you promote the program internally.

📊 Improved Metrics in the Program User List

Detailed metrics are now available for each user in the program user list, giving you deeper insights into engagement and participation. You can even export this data in case you want to run your own analysis or prepare a stakeholder presentation!

👥 Increased Match Group Size

We’ve expanded the match group size options! Now, you can create connections with groups ranging from 2 to 8 people. Whether you want intimate one-on-one chats or larger group discussions, CoffeePals has you covered.

🌒 Dark mode and visual settings

Introducing Dark Mode! Give your eyes a break with our new dark mode option. Additionally, explore other visual settings where you can change the contrast, manage the theme, and adjust the layout of your dashboard. Customize CoffeePals to fit your visual preferences.

We’re thrilled to bring these updates to you and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Dive in, explore the new features, and continue to build those meaningful connections.

Stay caffeinated and connected!


Chris + the CoffeePals Team

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