25 Team Building Activities to Enjoy in Atlanta

CoffeePals Team
June 7, 2024

The diversity, the culture, and even the mild weather — there are just so many things that make Atlanta a great place to celebrate with your team

Jump from one neighborhood to another with us as we put together a list of some of the best places to have team-building activities in The Big Peach. No matter which one you choose (or if you choose to do them all), we assure you that it will help you build trust within the team, helping you climb your way up to the top.

1. Modern Southern Food and History Tour

Nothing defines “comfort food” better than Southern food. And when it comes to Southern food, Atlanta is one of the places that does it best.

Inman Park was voted the best foodie neighborhood, and for good reason. Join Food Tours Atlanta’s Modern Southern Food and History Tour, a walking tour through the Victorian Homes that serve as witnesses to this area’s history. As a bonus, you can explore the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail (Atlanta’s largest outdoor gallery) as part of the tour.

2. Martin Luther King Jr. Tour

Speaking of history, you can’t miss a Martin Luther King, Jr. Tour when you’re in Atlanta. It’s a great way to inspire the whole team to give their 100% in everything they do, especially when it comes to work. 

Since the King Historic Area is a massive place, booking a guided tour is best so you don’t miss a thing. It’s a 1.7-mile walk to complete the tour, so plan where you’re grabbing food with the team right after.

3. Skyline Park at Ponce City Market

How about taking the team out for some good old-fashioned amusement park fun? Skyline Park will remind you of the vintage Coney Island boardwalk with carnival games like skee ball, mini golf, break-a-plate, and more.

You can also head to Ponce City Market’s rooftop for some team photos and a great view of the city.

4. Atlanta Golf & Social

Your team will definitely appreciate having a private club experience at Atlanta Golf & Social. Enjoy the country club setting with a golf simulator that makes you feel you’re actually teeing off on an actual course, then hang out at a private lounge with some food and drinks. You can also rent the entire space and add your own team-building activities to the program. 

5. Red Wagon Goats

If you’re on the hunt for a unique team experience, doing yoga with goats might fit the bill. Join a yoga class at Red Wagon Goats and create a grounding experience for your entire team.

Yoga sessions here are open to all levels, so you can join in even if you have zero yoga experience or believe you’re not flexible enough. You can even sip some wine and nibble on chocolates while hanging out with the goats after the activity.

6. Center for Puppetry Arts

They say age is just an illusion. This means you can play with puppets even as an adult. Even better, working with puppets can actually teach your team a thing or two about teamwork.

The Center for Puppetry Arts facilitates Team Building Through Puppetry, a workshop that teaches communication and collaboration skills. The activity lasts 2 to 3 hours, but that’s more than enough time for your team members to learn valuable lessons they can apply to their work.

7. The Murder Mystery Co.

How good is your team when it comes to problem-solving? Find out by holding a murder mystery party!

The Murder Mystery Co. brings the excitement straight to you, regardless of whether you want to hold one in a team member’s home or your office boardroom. Just follow the clues, figure out how everything ties together, and find out who among your team members is the killer.

8. Scavenger Hunt Atlanta

No team-building list is complete without a scavenger hunt! Knowing that there’s just so much of the city that your team can explore, adding a hint of excitement makes the experience even more meaningful.

Scavenger Hunt Atlanta takes you through some of the most interesting parts of the city — from malls and neighborhoods to the great wilderness — pushing you to find clues and solve puzzles to get to the end of the trail. 

Georgia aquarium

9. Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium isn’t just for families, school field trips, and tourists. It’s also for teams looking for a cool place to explore. Visit all the exhibits, then talk to each other about your favorites. You can even sign up for the aquarium sleepover and spend more time with your aquatic friends.

10. College Football Hall of Fame

Is your team united by a shared love for sports? A trip to the College Football Hall of Fame could be a great way to use that common interest to build camaraderie in your team. 

Test your skills in the indoor playing field and soak up some knowledge through the different exhibits. Sit back and enjoy “The Game of Your Life,” a feature film showing at the Game Day Theater.

11. Foxhall Resort

The outdoors sets the right atmosphere for team bonding, and Foxhall Resort is the best place to do that. With over 1,000 acres of beautiful Georgia wilderness, you can go on ATV rides, go hunting at the right seasons, or go fishing for some bass. Other activities include archery, shooting, and canoeing. 

12. The Painted Duck

A serious game of 10-pin bowling might be a great way to bring out your competitive side, but a few rounds of duckpin bowling brings in heaps of fun! The Painted Duck lets your entire team enjoy this age-old sport and allows your team to play feather bowling, shuffleboard, snookball, and a lot more.

The venue has a full menu and bar, so you can enjoy even more team bonding over great food and drinks.

13. ATL Street Art Tours

Atlanta has such strong diversity, and the art you see in its streets showcases this strength. This is also something that ATL Street Art Tours hopes to embody through their tours.

Take your pick between Castleberry Hill and the Pittsburgh Community. You can also join a service tour where you can help give out toiletries or pick up litter while appreciating the beautiful murals you pass by.

14. Splatter Studio

While traditional painting might be relaxing and fun, other unique ways to paint will give your team a more memorable experience. At Splatter Studio, you can splash, pour, or drip paint on every surface you see. You can even get your party vibe on and enjoy Black Light Night, where you can work with glow-in-the-dark paint. It’s an excellent way for the entire team to create a single masterpiece, with everyone contributing to the final output.

15. Cake & Sip

Life is boring without cake. So why not learn how to make and decorate your own (and enjoy some wine and karaoke while at it)?

There’s never a boring class at Cake & Sip! You can go all out and choose their Cakes & Karaoke package, where you can make a cake, sing some karaoke, and bring your mixologist to mix your favorite cocktails.

16. Fowling Warehouse

What happens when you combine football and bowling? You get twice the action, twice the competition, and twice the fun!

Fowling lets you use a football to knock down the opposing team’s pins before they can finish off yours. It’s the perfect game to play over a round of craft beers (something that Fowling Warehouse has a long menu of).

17. Bicycle Tours of Atlanta

In a city as beautiful as Atlanta, bike rides can be quite a relaxing way to explore its nooks and crannies. Bicycle Tours of Atlanta will help your team discover everything there is to know about the city and its rich history while pedaling your way around town. 

Choose among the different tours they offer — from the basic Fall In Love with Atlanta Tour to the Journey For Civil Rights Tour. Your team can also request a customized tour based on your interests.

Atlanta tour

18. ATL Cruzers

Segways are also a fun way to roam around and see the best that Atlanta has to offer. These self-balancing machines help you move around easily; all you need to do is stand there and steer. 

ATL Cruzers holds segway tours through different parts of the city. You can choose either the midtown or the eastside tour, or you can choose to glide downtown. You can also book this as a series of team-building activities where you explore one spot at a time so your team can experience the best of everything.

19. Kidbilly Music

Music is another thing that brings people together. Learning to make music together can help you bring something new to the workplace — something that could motivate your team to do better.

Kidbilly Music offers team-building programs that focus on music. Team Building Through Song is facilitated by amazing artists and songwriters who can teach you a thing or two about engagement and teamwork. 

20. Ocoee Adventure Center

Going through challenges as a team can be likened to rowing through a series of turbulent rapids. And when you emerge at the river's end, where the waters are calm, it really feels good and makes you appreciate the teamwork you displayed to get there.

At the Ocoee Adventure Center, you get to experience that feat. Ocoee River is one of the best places to experience the whitewater rafting seasons, a time when teams can go all in and paddle their way through every challenge.

21. Serenbe Farms

Visiting Serenbe Farms could be a good idea if your team needs a break. There’s something refreshing about working with soil and learning about how the farm sustainably produces food, which could be just the thing that could perk up your team member’s spirits.

22. Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

A bit of speed could also do wonders in bringing some team spirit back, especially if you think your team needs to blow off some steam. The Porsche Experience Center helps you do that by letting you drive some of their fastest cars through their track.

23. Adult Big Wheel Club

Did you play with big wheel bikes as a child? Well, here’s where you can turn up the nostalgia and reminisce about those good old days. The Adult Big Wheel Club lets you drive these low-riding tricycles through an outdoor track, with an option to hold a team-building relay challenge to teach you a thing or two about communication, coordination, and teamwork.

24. Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve

Arabia Mountain might seem dry from a distance, but it’s an exceptional ecological wonder showcasing a mix of wetlands, granite, streams, forests, and lakes. Get your team to hike through this nature preserve and find rare plant species. You can also bike through the trails instead of walking and then go fishing at Arabia Lake.

25. Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag

We’re ending the list with a good old game of laser tag, but this time, done outdoors at Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag. You can split your team into two and go against each other, or invite another team to play with you. Either way, it’s going to be a great way to see how well you strategize as a team.

Consistency is Key to Team Building

While all these activities seem exciting, remember that you don’t need to schedule complicated activities that often. Trust and camaraderie within your team can be developed through small, consistent steps that are easily integrated into your daily routine.

There’s a ton of things you can do! You can start each meeting with a 5-minute icebreaker or encourage team members to have virtual coffee chats with their peers. These simple activities can help team members get to know each other better, helping them work together more seamlessly.

CoffeePals is a great tool to use for virtual coffee breaks. Aside from pairing team members with each other and scheduling these casual coffee chats, it also has features like Coffee Maker that encourage the whole team to engage with each other on a regular basis.

Sign up for a free trial now and start building these small practices that can make a huge difference to your team dynamics.

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