20 Fun and Engaging Team-Building Activities in Houston

CoffeePals Team
CoffeePals Team
April 5, 2024
20 Fun and Engaging Team-Building Activities in Houston

Nestled in the heart of the Lone Star State, Houston not only boasts a rich cultural tapestry and a thriving business landscape but also serves as a prime playground for those seeking to foster stronger, more cohesive teams.

The fourth-largest city in the United States, Houston's vibrant diversity and dynamic spirit set the stage for a wide array of team-building adventures that transcend the traditional boardroom.

From high-octane challenges that test your group's mettle to immersive cultural experiences that nurture collaboration, here are some of the best team-building activities in Houston that will help forge lasting connections and achieve collective success.

We also have a few bonus ideas, perfect for remote and hybrid teams!

1. Succulent Planting

If planting succulents takes anyone into a state of zen, doing it as a team doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Succulent Bar has proven how great it is for teams to bond over this process, with stronger relationships forming regardless of how their succulent arrangements turn out.

They say that working with soil is a great way to get more grounded, so this is a good way for everyone to release daily work-related stress. Succulent Bar also offers dried floral arranging workshops if you want another plant-related activity lined up for your team.

2. Candle and Soap Making Classes

If succulents aren’t zen enough for you, then candles and soaps might do the trick. 

Love & Make holds candle-making parties and could teach the team to make soaps and bath bombs. You can have the class at their venue, or they can also come and visit you at your location. They sell DIY kits, too, which would make fantastic giveaways for those who want to continue making these goodies when they get home.

3. Archery Class

Whether you want to channel your inner Robin Hood or maybe Katniss Everdeen, archery classes are a fun way to get the team together and hit those targets. Archery has been known to improve focus and confidence, which could help the entire team in the long run.

Most of Houston Archery’s instructors are competitive archers, which means you’re all in the hands of real pros. 

4. Axe Throwing

Can you imagine having a party where everyone throws axes instead of darts? Nope, you aren’t being thrown back to the Middle Ages! BATL offers party packs where your entire team can learn how to throw axes at targets the same way you would in archery or darts.

BATL’s group packages already include drinks, which makes it a perfect activity, no matter how many you are on the team.

5. Laser Tag

Adults can play and have fun, too! Laser tag has always been a great activity for teams of all ages (and it does give you some exercise, too, as you run around shooting your targets).

Battlefield Houston offers group classes for teams with a minimum of 15 members. If your team doesn’t meet that number, invite another team or two to play with you. That’s gonna make it an even more enjoyable event where you can learn how to collaborate and work well together in a fun environment.

6. Go-Kart Racing

Another fun activity that could take you right back to your childhood, K1 Speed lets you unleash your inner hotrod, go-kart style. 

The great thing about K1 Speed is that they have an entire team-building program that doesn’t just let you race on the track — they also have relays and challenges that force your team to get their heads together, strategize, and find ways to bring the team to victory in the end.

7. Cooking Classes

They say too many chefs in one kitchen can be chaotic. But what if it turns out to be fun? 

Get the entire team into the kitchen for a few cooking classes and see who turns out to be a natural Jamie Oliver or Rachel Ray. Cooking as a group requires a lot of communication and collaboration, so this would be the perfect time to enhance those skills. 

Well Done holds classes for different types of cuisines and even has specialty classes for three-course dinners and healthy menus.

8. Charcuterie Classes

Charcuterie boards are always a delight to look at and usually make people’s mouths water before they even dig in. But who could have thought there’s an art to putting one together?

Yup, you don’t just throw random things onto a board. There’s a delicate mix of what meats, fruits, cheeses, and other treats you should put together, and Graze Charcuterie holds classes on this skill.

Houston wine tasting

9. Chocolate Making

Nobody says no to chocolate! So imagine how excited your team will be the moment they find out they’re making chocolate in your team-building activity. 

Cacao & Cardamom hosts private chocolate-making classes, perfect for teams with sweet teeth. They also host a myriad of other activities like chocolate and tequila tasting, chocolate and scotch tasting, and so much more.

10. Dining in the Dark

We know some of you close your eyes when they bite into something sumptuous. But can you imagine having your eyes closed the entire meal, forcing your other senses to kick in?

Dining in the Dark gives you this unique dining experience by keeping you in a blindfold throughout the entire meal. Just pick a 3-course menu — vegan, seafood, or meat — then settle back and enjoy the explosion of flavors bite after bite. After the meal, you can share experiences with the rest of the group, maybe laugh at the time when you couldn’t figure out whether there was still food left on your plate.

11. Scavenger Hunt

Of course, scavenger hunts are a classic team-building activity that will always be part of any list like this. This time, let Watson Adventures handle the challenge for you as they lay down a series of clues that take you to places like the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Museum of Fine Arts, and more!

They also hold virtual games in case you have a hybrid team and would like to get your remote staff to join in the fun.

12. Escape Rooms

Another classic team-building activity, escape rooms are a great way to see who takes charge, who crumbles under pressure, and who’s willing to do everything to escape. Escape the Room has two locations in Houston, so you can choose where the challenge goes down.

You can pretend you’re a group of spies trying to look for clues or a team of excavators attempting to escape a dig gone wrong. Both escape room locations offer a wide range of themes and challenges with varying difficulty levels, so it’s up to you what challenges to take on.

13. Play Espionage

Think about Espionage as a real-life version of Among Us, where you have hidden spies within the group. This activity, facilitated by teambuilding.com, pushes everyone to think strategically and use their communication and observation skills to win.

Each puzzle and challenge presented will reveal vital clues that reveal the truth, so make sure everyone’s ready to keep their senses peeled.

14. Murder Mystery Dinner

What happens when you bring the team out to dinner and end up in the middle of a murder mystery? That’s going to be one eventful dinner for sure!

Masters of Mystery sells murder mystery games perfect for teams looking for a unique challenge. Buying these mystery kits means you get to reuse the deck over and over again, possibly in different settings. And because there’s no host to facilitate, the team decides what unique elements they want to add. Should everyone dress up as cowboys from the Wild Wild West or prepare for a vampire ball? You can also come as you are if your team just wants to get down to business; no bells and whistles needed.

Houston team dinner

15. Brewery Tour

Fancy some of the best beers in Houston? A brewery tour is just the thing for teams that enjoy a bottle or two of brews after work. Visit Houston has quite a list of brewery tours that your team can be part of. 

You can also add a twist to the tour! Tour de Brewery lets you tour different breweries on bikes, adding a physical aspect to your beer-drinking experience.

16. Paint and Sip

If you prefer wine over beer, a paint-and-sip experience is something your team would appreciate.

What makes these painting classes great is the fact that most of them are beginner-friendly. Even if you have zero art skills, you can create your own work of art by simply following the instructions. 

17. Pottery Class

Since we’re on the subject of art, how about getting those hands dirty? 

Pottery classes are a great creative outlet for anyone. It’s a good thing Houston has a thriving arts community, with pottery classes popping up all over the place. See who among your team members can make perfectly shaped pots and give special awards to the most lopsided creations just for fun!

18. Museum Visits

Since we did mention that Houston has a fantastic art scene, why not spend a day visiting as many museums as you can? Even if some team members aren’t really art enthusiasts, there’s always something soothing about visiting galleries and staring at art that can make anyone have an emotional connection with the pieces.

You can also go out for a meal after your tour and discuss which art pieces you like best. You can have a series of these activities, focusing on 2 or 3 galleries at a time. 

19. Rock Climbing

Hoping for a more physical team-building activity? Try rock climbing at Texas Rock Gym and see who gets to the top first!

Choose a two-hour group event or go for a three-hour activity. Either way, the team at Texas Rock Gym will relate each climbing activity to concepts like communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and more. You can even discuss your needs with their team and go for a customized activity that matches your exact needs.

20. Indoor Skydiving

An adrenaline rush is always good for team building. If this is what your team is looking for, how does indoor skydiving sound?

iFly lets your entire team fly depending on what kind of event you’re planning to throw. You can have a simple indoor skydiving session, or you can have a catered event, maybe as a way to recognize top performers and other company milestones.

BONUS: Team Building Activities for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Even remote and hybrid teams can strengthen relationships and build camaraderie without an in-person event. Remote team-building activities help foster connection and encourage effective communication, something that can be challenging to build when everyone’s working online.

Virtual coffee chats are an excellent place to start. Though most of these sessions are one-on-one, it’s a great way to foster those personal relationships within the team. Little by little, every member gets the courage to speak up and meet new people.

Coffee Maker questions are also a great way to build connections within the team. All the team has to do is answer the thought-provoking questions dropped into the team channel every week. From there, you can have some of the most enjoyable conversations.

All of these you can do through the virtual coffee break platform CoffeePals, a tool that builds the team, not just one activity at a time but over the long term. 

Before you know it, team members will have amazing connections, making it easy to welcome new people into the team. You can use the tool to help new team members feel more welcome as part of your onboarding process or help people in their professional development journey as part of your mentoring strategy.

Sign up for a free trial now and explore the possibilities. You can also reach out to our team so that we can help you create engaging experiences for your team.

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