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How Pure Insurance Enhanced Connectivity and Efficiency with CoffeePals

Discover how Pure Insurance leveraged CoffeePals to enhance workplace connectivity, streamline employee engagement, and create meaningful interactions among their team.

PURE Insurance, founded in 2006, offers customized insurance solutions for high-net-worth individuals, covering high-value homes, automobiles, jewelry, and more.

White Plains, New York

PURE Insurance is a member-owned insurance provider that manages risks for high net worth individuals and families. From insuring houses and boats, to fraud and personal liability, PURE offers smart solutions to make their members more resilient so they can pursue their passions with confidence. We sat down with Safiya Reid, AVP Employee Engagement, to learn about PURE Insurance’s journey with CoffeePals.


In an effort to improve workplace connectivity during the global pandemic, an initiative to match participants for bi-weekly coffee chats was born. The community quickly grew to over 200 members, making it increasingly complicated and difficult to manually match participants using Excel to ensure they haven’t met before, and reach out to inform each of the matches. The coordination process required several volunteers, who also had other responsibilities within the company, to dedicate multiple hours weekly.


PURE Insurance explored developing an internal tool to manage the matching program, however, shortly after the design phase began, it became clear that searching for a ready built solution would be the better approach.Finding an established solution that would not require support and maintenance from PURE’s IT team, proved to be the ideal path forward; here is where CoffeePals comes in! CoffeePals not only fulfilled all of PURE’s requirements from automatically managing each match cycle, but offered additional functionalities such as Cross Group Matching.


CoffeePals was seamlessly integrated into PURE’s community; Safiya stated that “It had to have been less than a month from deciding to go with CoffeePals to implementation.” The responsibility of engaging the community was delegated to a Coworker Coffee Ambassador team who had previously managed the matching spreadsheet. The ambassador team used CoffeePals to automate bi-weekly matching sessions, involving all departments and the executive team.


  • Efficiency and Autonomy: PURE Insurance quickly felt the benefits of using CoffeePals when the Coworker Ambassador team was suddenly free to focus on creating meaningful interactions and stories instead of manually managing matches. As a result, the team successfully scaled the initiative from a few hundred to over 500 employees.
  • Personal Touch: Quarterly newsletters from Coworker Ambassadors, sharing success stories and tips, added a personal touch to the remote but interconnected community. CoffeePals generated meetups resulting in life changing opportunities: “Ashlyn met with Patty, who provided Ashlyn with further insight about her team, the Alliance Team.These meetings encouraged Ashlyn to pursue a career as an alliance underwriter.”
  • Positive Employee Experience: Using CoffeePals proved to be not only easy and seamless but also significantly enhanced the company's ability to stay connected with new hires and maintain a sense of unity within the organization.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: PURE discovered that the benefits of using CoffeePals far outweigh the costs. The manual effort required to match participants was significant, but the investment in CoffeePals proved extremely valuable. Employees felt more connected to their workplace and colleagues, resulting in an improved company morale, the impact of which greatly surpassing the initial investment in the platform.


PURE Insurance’s success implementing and using CoffeePals helped the company reduce time invested manually matching participants, free up the Coworker Ambassador volunteers to focus on improving connectivity within the organization, streamline check-ins with new hires, and most importantly facilitated life-changing connections amongst employees.

Research has shown that teams who share strong connections are more likely to benefit from improved productivity and loyalty, and a decrease in absenteeism and turnover rates. To see how much your company can save using CoffeePals, use our ROI Calculator or Add CoffeePals to a Team to experience firsthand its awesome benefits!

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