Important Factors to Consider If You Want to Be a Virtual Worker

Chris Carnduff
June 7, 2024

As remote work is not limited to a particular location, a wide range of opportunities are available that you likely wouldn’t enjoy if you were looking for a job in your city. You’ll have different opportunities in terms of salary, job responsibilities, growth, flexibility, and more. 

Like any other job, there are challenges. You’ll need to be self-motivated, proactive, and have organizational skills. Not all remote jobs are perfect, so you’ll need to consider a couple of factors before looking for one. 

What is Remote Work?

Remote work is a concept in which employees don’t work in a designated office. According to a Statista survey, 67 percent of respondents stated that the ability to have a flexible schedule was the main benefit of remote work worldwide. They are free to work from home or anywhere else. This concept drives flexibility and allows employees to distribute their working hours to whichever works best for them. 

Working remotely allows employees’ personal lives and jobs to coexist without limitations. This work style provides employees with freedom and a work-life balance while being more productive. 

Remote work increases job satisfaction and reduces stress due to increased contact with employees’ personal lives. However, remote work requires a high level of concentration, organization, management, and analytical skills. 

Factors to Consider When Seeking Remote Work

Many jobs offer remote work options, which can be great for those who need to spend time with their family or want to work from a different office. There are many companies that offer remote work, but you need to choose the one that suits your profile best.

Remote jobs are ideal for those in tech since this industry does not require much physical presence. If you’re interested in becoming a virtual worker, take a look at the following list. We’ll show you some of the factors to consider when looking for remote work. 

Job Location

Job location is an important factor to consider when seeking remote work. Many remote jobs are location-specific, so you can narrow your search by country, city, or even neighborhood. While you don’t have to live in the same city as your employer, you should make sure that your desired job is available in the location you want to work from. Some jobs are location-specific, and others may require you to visit certain clients or do certain tasks in person.

Job Responsibilities

When looking for remote jobs, make sure that the responsibilities are in line with what you want out of the position. Remote work is a fantastic option for many people, but it is important to consider the job responsibilities and make sure they are something you are willing to do from home. Don’t jump into a new role only to find out later that the job responsibilities are not something you are interested in or something you are not experienced with. 

Feeling Appreciated and Valued

Working in a remote environment requires a certain level of team collaboration. A feeling of being appreciated and valued can go a long way in terms of improving work culture and increasing overall motivation, which are important factors to consider when seeking remote work. When you work remotely, you are not in close proximity with your managers or colleagues, which can make it even more important to feel appreciated. 


Benefits are an important factor to consider when seeking remote work. Most employers offer the same benefits to employees regardless of their location. When looking for a remote position, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not the position offers a benefits package that suits your needs. Some remote jobs offer great benefits, such as medical or dental insurance, disability insurance, vacation days, and retirement plans. The type of benefits you want from your job will depend on your needs.

Company Values

A company’s values are a good indicator of its culture, and a good culture will make the job much more enjoyable. You should consider the company’s values, if they don’t align with your lifestyle, vision, and principles, you’ll most likely have a negative work experience.  Therefore, it is important to conduct in-depth research about the company’s values. Selecting a company with values that align with your own can help you to be happier and more successful in your career. 


Remote salaries will vary depending on the company. In the past, companies would offer the same wage regardless of your location. However, since most employees work remotely, they have relocated to lower-cost cities.

Employers had to figure out a way to pay them fairly. That’s why some companies are now implementing location-based salaries. This has particularly affected tech salaries, including professions like software engineering, cybersecurity analysts, and digital marketers. 

Let’s explain it this way. Imagine you’re a cybersecurity engineer living in California, and you moved to Florida. The average salary for information security specialists in California is $97,742, while the average salary for information security specialists in Florida is $98,740. You’ll then be earning more than what you’ll need based on the city’s cost of living. 

virtual work

Working Hours

Since most remote jobs can be done from anywhere, ensure they align with your preferred working hours. There are many remote jobs that offer the option to work according to your time zone, while some companies offer remote-work options with set hours each day, which can be helpful if you have trouble adjusting your schedule. Be sure to look for jobs that offer flexible hours to accommodate your schedule. 


Having a good internet connection is crucial if you’d like to have a remote job. Connectivity is the foundation of work-from-home occupations. Therefore, make sure you have an efficient internet provider. One of the benefits of co-working spaces is that they guarantee you’ll have a good internet connection, so that’s something you can consider, or you could alternate between your home and co-working spaces.

Opportunity for Growth

It's important to understand the potential for growth within each position. A position with a low chance for growth might not be a good fit for someone who is looking to advance their career. ​​When looking for a remote job, ensure that you have the opportunity to grow, learn something new, and expand your skillset. Not only will this help you advance in your career, but it also provides you with a sense of fulfillment. There are companies that enroll their employees in coding bootcamps like General Assembly, Springboard, Thinkful, App Academy, and Coding Dojo.

Team Energy

Team energy refers to the collective mood and vibe of the team. It’s about how people feel about each other and their work. Highly energetic teams have greater collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Team energy is contagious. If you’re around people who are negative and lethargic, you’re likely to feel that way too. On the contrary, if you’re around people who are enthusiastic and motivated, you’re likely to feel the same. It’s important to choose a remote job where you’ll be around people who have team energy that inspires you.

Stability of the Company

The company’s financial outlook, future goals, and reputation must be assessed before deciding to work for the company. Choose a company that has a solid financial outlook and has a good chance of surviving in the marketplace for the foreseeable future. The best companies will have a solid financial history and reputation, offer benefits, and have a reliable and stable workforce. The good thing about looking for remote work is that you have access to your potential employers’ reputations. Sites like Upwork or Glassdoor are great for discovering what employees think about that company. Use that in your favor and pitch highly reputable employers.

Brings Satisfaction

It is essential to find a position that suits your interests and personality, as this will increase your level of satisfaction and make the job more enjoyable. When you’re happier in your position, you’re likely to work harder and put more effort into your work. In turn, this could lead to promotion opportunities within your company. ​​

Where to Find Remote Work

You can find remote work in multiple places, like a job search engine such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Jooble, Upwork, We Work Remotely, or Glassdoor. These are employment pools where you can find multiple job opportunities in different areas such as web development, cybersecurity, content writing, photography, etc. At the moment, there are more than 500 open opportunities for cybersecurity specialists at Upwork. If you’d like to get a remote job, you’ll need to improve your online presence. Having a professional LinkedIn profile, social media account, or even a website will boost your chances of getting hired. 

Final Thoughts

Remote working isn’t for everyone. Some people can’t handle distractions, lack organization skills, or need to interact with others in the office. However, it is a work style that provides you with freedom, autonomy, and work-life balance. You’ll be able to live life fully while working on something you love. 

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