12 Unusual But Engaging Team Building Activities

CoffeePals Team
June 7, 2024

When it comes to team building, scavenger hunts and laser tag are among the top choices. While these classics undoubtedly bring teams together, there's an unexplored universe of unconventional options that can elevate the bonding experience.

By venturing off the beaten path, teams can find new ways to build strong relationships and create even more memorable experiences.

Here are some unusual but engaging team-building activities you can explore.

1. Sumo Wrestling

A popular spectator sport over the centuries, sumo wrestling is something that you would probably never imagine you and your team could do. But with a couple of inflatable sumo suits and a ring, you can engage in this time-old sport and see who can push the competitor out of the ring the fastest. There are sumo suit rentals across the country, so just book that rental, read up on the basics of the sport, and into the ring you go!

2. Chariot Building and Racing

Here’s another ancient activity — chariot racing! Order your chariot kits from Catalyst USA and let your team build your own Roman cart. It’s a great way to see how the team communicates and builds things together, and you can even decorate the finished product using your team logo. To make things even more interesting, find another team to do the same thing, then race against them.

3. Circus Classes

Visiting the circus is exhilarating, and watching the performers twirl, spin, and fly around could be an unforgettable experience. But what if you could do those tricks, too? Enroll your team in a circus class and discover who has what it takes to be a circus performer.

circus classes

4. Sky Walking

How does it feel to walk thousands of feet above ground? You can find out by taking your team skywalking. From Chicago’s Willis Tower to the Grand Canyon, several spots around the country offer this breathtaking adventure! Skywalking lets you walk on a platform high above ground and have a literal bird’s eye view of the world below.

5. Blindfolded Cook-Off

Team building is all about fostering trust, and this is an activity that could help do that. Choose a few recipes you want the team to work on, then break the team into pairs and assign who will do the cooking and who will supervise. With the cooks wearing blindfolds, it’s up to their partner to guide them through the recipe. Want to add a competitive element? Have the pairs work on the same recipes, then get someone to judge who made the tastiest dish.

6. Giant Swing

If you enjoyed going higher and higher on a regular swing as a child, imagine how exciting it is to ride a gigantic one! Find out if there’s a giant swing near you and let the entire team feel that unique adrenaline rush. Glenwood Caverns in Colorado, Highlands Aerial Park in North Carolina, Terrapin Adventures in Maryland — these giant swings are all over the place!

7. Coasteering

Are there rocky shores nearby? If there are, you can bring out the extreme adventurer in your team members by trying coasteering. Think of it as a mix of cliff diving, rock climbing, and more — it basically lets you treat an uneven shoreline as an obstacle course. Just ensure you get an experienced guide to make this activity as safe as possible.

flash mob

8. Flash Mob

Does the team that dances in public together stay together? Let’s find out! Find simple dance routines your team can do and learn the choreography together. Learning new things together is a fantastic way to learn collaboration and communication. Then, find a public spot to surprise people in true flash mob fashion.

9. Pub Explorer

Pub crawls are common team-building activities, and so are trivia games. Put the two together, and you have a unique experience! Pub Explorer is an app that takes you to different pubs around the city, but with pit stops along the way, where you have to answer some trivia questions and solve some puzzles. The drinks in between are guaranteed to make it even more fun!

10. Ice Sculpting

Can you create a masterpiece before your canvas melts? You can find out by taking an ice sculpting class. It’s perfect for unleashing your creative juices and just chilling with your team (yes, pun intended). This is an especially fun way to spend time together during the hotter seasons.

11. Spelunking

Caves are always worth exploring, with secrets waiting to be revealed in each location. The good news is there are a lot of caves around the country that your team can visit. All you need is a pair of trusty shoes, an experienced guide, and a sense of adventure. 

spelunking as team building

12. Duck Herding

Yes, you read that right. Duck herding can be an enjoyable team-building activity, testing your instincts and communication skills. We all know how chaotic running ducks can be, so it’s best to bring a ton of patience with you.

Making Team Buildings Fun and Consistent

Team-building activities are crucial in fostering a positive and productive work environment within organizations. The more engaging the activities are, the better the chances of better results. While they might not be the sole determining factor for success, their impact on teamwork, communication, and employee morale is undeniable.

But that doesn’t mean you need to come up with weird and unusual activities every time. It’s more about consistency — one grand event once a year will not yield the same results if you don’t work on building strong relationships for the rest of the year.

Keep your lines of communication open, and encourage casual conversations and not just work-related ones. Quick icebreaker activities like answering thought-provoking questions in your team channels or playing a quick game before a meeting starts can help.

One-on-one check-ins also play a critical role in team building. Virtual coffee chats through an app like CoffeePals are amazing for this purpose.

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