Summer 2022 ☀️ - CoffeePals Product Update

Chris Carnduff
Chris Carnduff
August 5, 2023
Summer 2022 ☀️ - CoffeePals Product Update

I hope you've gotten the chance to take some time off and enjoy the summer (for those in the northern hemisphere)! The CoffeePals team has been working hard and is excited to announce the August release, including some highly requested features: Team-based match pausing, more reporting analytics and bug fixes! We're super excited to hear your feedback and wish you an awesome rest of August!

Here's what's new in CoffeePals:

⏸ Match Pausing

You can now pause matching and disable matching for specific teams. Send the CoffeePals a message with settings or disable-matching to get a settings message right in MS Teams to pause or disable matching. Participants can now also disable matching for a specific team!

Users can also pause or disable matching directly in the dashboard. This is great for those going on vacation or with a busy week.

👁Report Meeting information + Ask again

Admins can now see which users reported the meeting and when users will be asked by hovering the icon. You can also send the questions again in case they forget to report whether they met.

💻 ->

We've moved our web address to

💳Payment information portal

We've added a new way for you to update your card and billing address. You can access this in the Payment information tab on the subscription page.If you haven't had a chance to try CoffeePals yet, click Add to Teams below. We hope you are enjoying CoffeePals and as always, please reply to this email with any feedback or questions - we love hearing from you!

That's all for now! We have exciting new updates next month to reduce the friction with scheduling meetings and more coffee maker features. Stay tuned!Chris + The CoffeePals Team

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