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Bring your team together, no matter where they are

Hybrid work brings its own unique set of struggles for organizations. But, how do you keep your team feeling connected and part of the company culture when they're split between the office and working from home?

With CoffeePals, remote and in-office employees can connect, build relationships, and feel like they're part of a community.

Equal networking opportunities

In hybrid organizations, it can be difficult for remote employees to network and connect with their in-office colleagues. This can lead to unequal opportunities and a disconnect within the company.

CoffeePals helps ensure that all employees, regardless of location, have equal opportunities to network and connect with their colleagues.

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Plan the perfect day for In-office connections

With hybrid work, it can be hard to coordinate in-person meetups. But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the benefits of face-to-face time with colleagues.

Create a dedicated day and schedule coffee chats with your team in office. By setting aside dedicated time for in-office connections, you can ensure that your team is able to come and build their internal network.

Features that hybrid teams love.

Designed with hybrid teams in mind, our platform makes it easy to collaborate and connect no matter where you are.

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Coffee Maker Topics

Our fun and thought-provoking questions are delivered straight to your team channel, sparking lively conversations amongst both in office and remote team members.

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Cross-Group Matching

Break down the barriers of hybrid work with our cross-group matching feature! Create targeted matches between in office and remote employees to build strong bonds.

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One-Click Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule your chat by connecting your calendar. We suggests available times for all participants, no matter their time zone, so you can schedule in one click.

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"With our staff being spread out across multiple countries, and with increasing use of remote workforce, connection has been challenging. Coffee Pals has allowed us to integrate new hires and connect people who normally would not have the opportunity to meet. I really enjoy the ease of meeting scheduling and the fun conversation prompts in the group."

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Tre Altmann


“CoffeePals is a perfect addition to Microsoft Teams. It has made getting to know each other easy and helped colleagues form new relationships across teams. These casual breaks have been a hit with everyone from our newest hires to our leadership team.”

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Danielle Foraker

Growing Generations

"CoffeePals allows our team to engage with one another and since most of our team works remotely and we have several departments within our organization, we were glad to find a way for team members to connect in a meaningful way with those outside their department."

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Emily Huggins

World Animal Protection